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Created 13-Jan-15
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The opening of our ARKANSAS WILDERNESS: A RARE QUALITY OF LIGHT exhibit will be January 20th, 6-7pm at the Art West Gallery on the John Brown University campus in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. It will run through February 13th. The exhibit will include the gallery-wrapped canvas prints up to EIGHT feet wide, and four HD Aluminum prints - 30 prints in total shown below, - all from Arkansas. Our ARKANSAS NIGHTSCAPES slide program will begin right after the opening at 7pm in the nearby Simmons Great Hall on the JBU campus (slide program plus Q&A). We’ll have all of our publications ON SALE before, during, and after the gallery opening and slide show. The prints are available at SPECIAL SALE PRICES during the show, but you may reserve a print at any time by contacting us by e-mail or phone.
041710_0118richlandCreekB&W30"x40"blackborderCatalpaTree&MilkyWay20x24LandscapePage83-20x24Cossatot Falls at Dawn, 30 x 40MirrorLakeFalls&MossRock30x40LastColor2013-30x60CraigColor30x60FrozenGloryHole30x38Morel mushrooms20x24FallingWaterFallsSweetGum24x38DogwoodBlossoms24x30MirrorLakeStars20x30CragGoldenSnow30x40Owl20x24GodBeamsLeadWayHome30x38MapleLeaves&Sandstone20x30FallingWaterStars20x30ErnstCragDawn24x30*HDaluminumMilkyWayFogFallColor20X24*HDaluminumErnstOuachitaMilkyWay20x30*HDaluminum

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